How to check if NUMA is enabled on ESX hardware?

You can check it by using ESXTOP:

1. Run esxtop

2. Press “m” to enter on memory statistics

3. Press “f” to change the fields displayed

4. Press “f” again to show NUMA related fields

If numa is enables, you will see values (like, 0, 1, 2, etc for each node) on the NHN column, like this image:


(In this picture there is a VM running on 2 NUMA nodes).

If not, you will see the “-” on the NHN column:

There is also a command to check directly if there are and how many are the NUMA nodes:

esxcli hardware memory get | grep NUMA



How to identify if ESXi is installed to SD card or local HDD?

In the vSphere client, Hosts and Clusters View (assuming vCenter), highlight the host in question. Configuration > Hardware > Storage > Change to Devices view. For each device, look down under device details, Primary Partitions, and look for the device that lists several partitions, including several “Legacy MBR” and a “VMware Diagnostic” partition. This should be the device that ESXi is installed on.