Change the CVM Name in Nutanix

Here are the steps to change the Display name:

Before doing this check if all services are up. Also check that the data resiliency is good.

  1. Find current CVM name:

$ virsh list –all

  1. Shutdown CVM:

$ virsh shutdown

  1. Take XML dump of the CVM to preserve configuration changes Name the file appropriately, based on the new name of the CVM.

$ virsh dumpxml > NTNX–CVM.xml

  1. Undefine CVM

$ virsh undefine

  1. Modify the NTNX–CVM.xml file to use the new name:



  1. Define the CVM

$ virsh define NTNX–CVM.xml

  1. Start the CVM.

$ virsh start NTNX–CVM

  1. Configure autostart in KVM so the CVM boots up with the host

$ virsh autostart NTNX–CVM


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